A21 and the sex slave industry

Posted: April 5, 2012 in Church

Last Thursday night a women in our church organised an amazing event in conjunction with the A21 campaign to raise awareness to the plight of the 27 million slaves in our world.(you read that right 27 MILLION). It was an amazing night and what an eye opener. It was so touching and so sad and it also made me so angry!!!! Some of the statistics are frightening.
Human trafficking is the second largest global organized crime today, generating approximately 31.6 billion USD each year. Specifically, trafficking for sexual exploitation generates 27.8 billion USD per year.
Over 25 percent of sex trafficked victims are trafficked from Southern and Eastern Europe.
90% of victims trafficked into the European Union member states will end up in the sex industry.
Tragically, only 1-2 percent of victims are rescued.
The average age of a trafficked girl? 14!
The number of traffickers that are convicted? 1 in 100,000
But we can get lost in a world of statistics. For me the most poignant and memorable thing from the night was 2 photographs that a detective in charge of the trafficking unit here in Northern Ireland showed. Both where from a house somewhere in Belfast (at most 20 miles from our church building). The first photo showed a door to a bedroom, actually bedroom is not the best description. It was a room with a mattress on the floor. The first picture showed the outside of this door where some poor girl was forced to engage in prostitution. How do we know she was forced? The picture showed the padlock on the outside of the door. The second picture was even worse. It showed the inside of the door where the girl / girls had been clawing to get out! The DNA on the inside of the door didn’t match the DNA of the girl that was rescued from the room during the raid.
That is what is happening on our own doorstep and trust me if it’s happening here it’s happening where you live as well!
There are more slaves today than any other point in history. How can that be? What can we as Christians do? Well what we can’t do is stick our heads in the sand and hope that the problem just goes away! Why not check out the A21 website. Be informed, be aware and be praying.

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