Near dead tarantulas, the pocket rocket and mile wide smiles

Posted: June 25, 2012 in Church


Not every Sunday, or every service, in church is “great” some can even be very ordinary but yesterday Bangor Elim was (I have to use an Americanism) AWESOME!

Our morning service was taken by our kids ministry “The Factory”. The kids were great. It’s so funny that they can make so much noise when they a sitting With their parents and then fall into complete silence when they are brought to the front to sing. The highlight of the morning for me was the message / kids story. One of our young guys who is about to head off to university spoke and he was ….. AMAZING. He was so natural and confident and had us all, kids and adults alike, eating out of his hand as he somehow managed to work an near dead tarantula into the story of Jacob (you had to be there). Well done to Johnny “preacher in the making”Simpson.

Our evening service was just something else. Our Youth took the whole service and they hit it out of the park. The worship, videos, drama, message everything was just brilliant. I sat all night with a huge grin, excited about the talent and heart of our young people. At points I almost welled up!

To top it off we had a very special guest to share his story. I had the amazing privilege to interview, Belfast born, Wayne (the pocket rocket) McCullough, Commonwealth Gold, Olympic Siver and WBC world champion boxer! His story was amazing but not as amazing as the guy himself. I doubt I have met as nice or as humble a guy in a long time. After the service he hung around getting his picture taken with everyone that wanted it. He passed around his medal and belt for people to hold and wear. Afterwards he went into youth coffee bar where he shared with the kids, arm wrestled with them, signed their shoes and arms (don’t ask) and just hung out until closing time. @WayneMcCullough you just blew me away!!!!

I came home from church last night still wearing my mile wide smile and thinking “I LOVE MY CHURCH” you guys just blow me away.






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