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Miracles still happen!

Posted: June 22, 2012 in Church
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This last weekend I got to share 3 stories in church about how God miraciously touched some peoples lives. I think they are well worth a share here.

Jean has had difficulty in hearing for years. She hid it pretty well as she was good at lip reading. Recently she came out for prayer and starting having some problems with her hearing aid. She made an appointment in the hospital to get it sorted out. When she finished her appointment she got the women doing the test to write her findings on the back of her appointment card. This is what she wrote in her own hand “Mrs Morrison had her hearing tested this evening and her hearing level has improved since her last test. I explained to mrs Morrison that this was very unusual and because her level of hearing had gone up to within normal limits a hearing aid would not benefit her at the minute”

Adele is a young single mum who suffered from Eczema. Last Sunday she filled out a prayer card to give thanks to God. She too recently came forward for prayer and says that “since then the eczema is completely gone”

Jim is an older gentleman who recently received devastating news that he was suffering from cancer. In the doctors words there were several “very aggressive tumours” that would ultimately attack his brain. There was no cure but he would be given 3 strong doses of Chemotherapy to slow the growth and spread of the tumours. While reading his bible he came across James 5:4 Is any one of you sick? He should call the elders of the church to pray over him and anoint him with oil in the name of the Lord. He asked us to do just that, and so we did. At his last scan, amazingly, miraculously, the doctors told him that the tumours had SHRUNK! They had shrunk to the point where Chemo was no longer required. This week they gave him a course of radiotherapy on just 2 spots and one of those was precautionary! Jim isn’t out of the woods BUT we believe God has certainly done something amazing.

Why doesn’t God heal everyone we pray for? Why choose to heal some and not others? I really don’t know but it doesn’t stop me giving thanks and praise when he graciously touches some! ;0)